The Burudika Story

Living the Dream

Eric Chapman

I was born way back in the day in the East African nation of Kenya. We stayed there for a few years before leaving with my parents and older brother to Western Australia. I’ll never know if that was the moment I caught the ‘travel bug’, but somewhere along the line in the small town of Albany, Western Australia, it got me. I donned my backpack and set off around the globe visiting Europe, Africa and Asia with a few other little trips scattered in there along the way. From the first time I came here, Indonesia has always been a place that I was drawn to. The waves, climate, culture, with the allure of different nationalities, combine to make it a very special place.

Over the years, I’ve been to Indonesia more times than I know really. In the real world, I’m a landscaper by trade and have been in the building trade for many years on the tools as a chippy, so when I would walk past empty blocks of land, I could see potential everywhere. In 2011, I was here on a holiday and decided that we had to bite the bullet  – we bought our first block of land in Are Guling, Lombok and then in 2014, we bought the block of land on which Burudika is now situated.

It’s been almost a decade since we started construction on this place and it’s been a rollercoaster of ups and downs, pandemics, earthquakes and limited building suppliers. However we have stuck it out, and we are finally ready to open our doors to you all.

A great deal of love is in this property, so please, from myself, my son Cohen, and my incredible parents Barry and Sheelagh, come and “live the dream” with us.